Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Europe Post #5: Wednesday's Photographs

So this morning, a few of us decided to take a tour bus around the city.  Definitely worth 14 Euro.  I got a good feel for the center of the city and lots of good photo ops.  As expected, the tour bus took us to lots of "touristy" locations.  Beware lots of pictures.

Children in neon vests.  Mama, I'm surprised you didn't make us wear these when we were younger!

Austrian Parliament:

Prater Amusement Park:

We aren't in Alabama anymore:

Stephansdom (aka St. Stephen's Cathedral):

The U-Bahn stop we get off at to go to class.

The opera house.  Right across from the Institute.

For lunch, we went to the famous Cafe Central.  A little pricy but beautiful.

Yes, this is the cafe.  (I had salad with Pesto Vinaigrette dressing.  Brilliant.)

The last 3 photos are inside the opera house.  It was only 3 Euro for standing room only to go to the opera, and we got in tonight!  We only stayed for an hour (our group wasn't too into operas and standing got uncomfortable), but the singers were wonderful.  "Lucia Di Lammermoor" was showing.  Basically like Romeo and Juliet.

Don't expect any more blogs 'till Monday.  Headed to Venice this weekend!

Europe Post #4: To class

I live about 45 minutes (minimum) from the Institute where my classes are held.  Today I documented my route.

First we walk from our house to a bus stop.  The bus runs about 5 times/ hour during the weekday and about 2/ hour at night and on weekends.  So if you miss the bus, you get set back about 10-15 minutes.

My street:

We walk through the park that's on our street and a few blocks to the bus stop.

And pass some cute little houses.

I'm currently on a hydrangea kick.

The buses.

After we ride the bus ~20 minutes, we hop on the U-Bahn (subway) at this station.

(It's not all underground).

We get off the U-Bahn at this station after about 15 minutes.

Then we walk about 3 blocks to the Institute.  It's actually an apartment that has been turned into a school, so we have to be courteous (aka quite) as to not disturb our neighbors (who actually live here).

The entrance to the institute.

The courtyard of the institute.

Yay!  We made it!  (Hopefully on time!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Europe Post #3: A few differences and pictures

1)  It doesn't get dark till about 9:30.  2)  The people here don't use a flat sheet.  They put a fitted sheet on the bed and use duvet covers.  They wash the duvet covers instead of a fitted sheet.  3)  No air conditioning.  4)  A lot of places don't have hand soap in the bathroom... or maybe I've just been unlucky.  5)  At least in my host home - we don't wear shoes.  6)  The grocery stores close at 7:30 pm.  7)  The opera will not let you in if you have on shorts (personal experience...)  8) To Kelsey, I saw a nun.  9)  To Charlie, one of my classmates ate a kiwi - skin and all.  10)  A hotdog consists of a hollowed baguette with various types of sausage inside.  11)  Sleeping late is hard to do when... a = it gets light before 5 am; b = you sleep with open windows (remember - no AC) and lots of dogs are barking.  12)  They have lactose-free cheese here.  And soy-ice cream.  Hallelujah.  13)  All of the deodorant is in the form of spray.  14)  I eat nutella every morning for breakfast.

Today:  breakfast, grocery shopping, homework, lunch, class, walking tour, dinner, rejection from the opera, home, homework

Here are a few pictures from the walking tour.

A monument.  An orthodox Jew scrubbing the road as in Kristallnacht.  Few Jews live in Vienna now.