Sunday, October 30, 2011


So every day I walk by this construction site on my way to class.  And every day I do a double take because I am 90% sure that this is a deer stand.  On the ground.  In the middle of campus.  And every day I wonder what on earth its purpose is.

it's the contraption right behind the sign and the gate, with the door open

Monday, October 24, 2011

Calling Baton Rouge

I am still confused by the tickets...
The whole group tailgating before the game
In Death Valley
Well a group of us traveled to Baton Rouge this past weekend to cheer on the (Auburn) Tigers. It was an experience to say the least. There were long car rides, obnoxious LSU fans, and very little sleep but somehow we survived. Experiencing Baton Rouge makes me that much more thankful that I am and always will be an Auburn Tiger. Over and out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So here's the long version of my story.

I have very sensitive eyes.  In fact, I have almost no pigment coloring in my retina.  Which basically means I need to wear sunglasses whenever the sun's out.  Or not out.

Over the last few years, my contacts have really started drying my eyes out so I broke down and got some prescription sunglasses.  THEY'RE AWESOME.  Usually.  Until you end up in weird situations.

Well this weekend Auburn played Florida.  At 6 pm.  When I got there at 4:30 pm, the sun was out.  I wore my sunglasses.  But by kickoff my seat was in deep shade.  As were my eyes.  Because I still had on my sunglasses.

And... (if you can't see where this is going yet)... I forgot to take my normal glasses.  And while my vision isn't terrible, I couldn't come close to seeing the football without my sunglasses.  So there I am, watching the ENTIRE night game with my sunglasses on.  As in at 9:30 pm, I still have on my sunglasses.  I'm like that person who thinks it's cool to wear sunglasses indoors except this might be worse because the sun was shining on the opposite side of the earth... not just on the other side of the building's wall.

Not a joke: a random girl two rows in front of me turned around a took a picture of me with my sunglasses on during the game.  She tried to be all nonchalant about it, but she totally wasn't.  Oh well, at least Auburn won.

The short version:  I wore my sunglasses to a night game, and Auburn won.

Maybe I should wear them again.

except I felt really lame

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Tooms

 So last week I got to go pick up a Toomer's Tree seedling.  Mama was one of about 125 chosen to "win" a seedling out of 5000 people.  Getting to pick up the little guy was kind of a big deal.  I mean, he came with a birth certificate and an ID number.

Over the weekend, he made the journey from Auburn to his new home, a pot in Vestavia.

chillin in the dorm
all strapped in for the ride back to Vestavia

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

taken with my iPhone
 These photos were taken with my new Holga lens (a.k.a. super cool):

Sleeping late + Perfect weather + changing leaves + Milo's picnic + football = AWESOME Saturday. I love fall.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dance With Me Baby

Well last night Ben Rector had a concert in Auburn.
So of course we went.
He played all of the favorites, held a goat on stage, and orchestrated a dance contest between members of the audience. The goat was included in that, too. 
How awesome are people? So awesome. (If you haven't watched last week's episode of Modern Family, go watch it.)
Ben also played a brand new song, which I recorded. Happy listening.
P.S. His new CD, Something Like This, is off the chain. And yes, I just said off the chain. Because it is.
Personal favorite: "She Is"