Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Update

I would update the blog more often, but my life has become comfortably boring.  Here are a few noteworthy events/ observations.

(1)  Chick-fil-a kickoff game in Atlanta.

Charles caught a cow.

And my ring looked extra-sparkly under the dome lights.

Which brings me to my next notable update....

(2)  Wedding planning.  So far we have a venue, photographer, caterer, baker (cake), and florist.  If anyone would like to pick my dress, bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaids, guest list (w/ addresses), registry items, or videographer, please let me know -- you will make my fall break (1 month away!) much less busy!

(3)  Alex forgot to specifically mention in her labor day post that WE GOT TO HANG OUT.  Good, good times.

(4)  Mama and Daddy took me and Charles to see Jersey Boys as my early birthday present.  That's a crazy event for a school night!

(5)  The upgrade to i0S 7.  I love all things Apple; I'm obsessed.

(6)  School is turning me into a "runner."  At least for now.  I study 100% better on days I allow time to clear my head.  I wouldn't really say I like it, but it's definitely becoming a staple.

(7)  I've been having weird dreams.  And craving hotdogs.  (not at the same time)

(8)  I really miss going outside and biking to class.  (Although I am thankful I don't have to bike to UAB!)

(9)  I am always cold.  Today I wore socks, shoes, jeans, a flannel shirt and covered up with a blanket in class.

(10)  Southerners talk really slowly.  I've been watching lectures on 2x speed to study, and the southern lecturers sound normal -- the others sound like chipmunks.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and other random things

Kevin and I made the trek to the Magic City for Labor Day and had much needed time with family and friends. 

 We managed to eat all of our favorite foods,

did some shopping, 

and we took this one for her first drive! (in a parking lot)

Speaking of driving, I wonder if anyone's obituary reads death by 8 o'clock traffic. Because I'm pretty sure that's a contributing factor to wrinkles, mental disorders, and all-around destruction. 

In happier news, I let the secret out today that I am starting up some new adventures! Check it out here.