Thursday, May 8, 2014


Okay, so I realize it's not even close to January anymore.  Let's just be thankful I'm posting and roll with it.  {I actually wrote this months ago and never uploaded it.}

(1)  Charles and I visited Liz in Nashville before right before New Year's.  (Yes, I realize this isn't January.)

pretty coffee swirls

(2)  Charles's and my licenses expire like 3 days apart.  I always try to avoid renewing in Birmingham (SO MUCH WAITING), so we stopped by the courthouse in Talladega when we went to buy our wedding bands.

(3)  Macie found me in the free wedding catalogue.  So I'm basically famous.

(4)  MACIE'S ENGAGED!  And clearly she knows the way to MY heart because she asked me to be a bridesmaid with chocolate chip cookies in my locker at school.  Right on top of my histology lab manual (NOT the way to my heart - just for clarification).

(5)  Walking the last bit home from snowpocalypse after the slumber party at school.

(6)  Snow round 2

(7)  Yes, this is a snapchat.  Yes, I love Frozen.