Sunday, November 25, 2012

Short and Sweet

Well once again exam time is upon us.  And so I will keep this post short and sweet.

A few observations from Thanksgiving break.

1.  Vestavia Hills High School Friday nights have not changed.

2.  Auburn now has a Family Dollar.

3.  My cousins got a pig.

4.  The Confederate flag still waves in Alabama.  That's embarrassing.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

copy cat: my Auburn football experience

After reading about Caroline's Auburn football experience, I felt compelled to share my own. 

I've been there through the ups and downs the past four years, and I can't believe I just experienced my last football game as a student. 

Freshman year highlights: my first Auburn game, only season to sit in the Auburn student section, having game day dates, road trip to the Tennessee game, and braving out the game when it flooded.

Sophomore year highlights: My first year as a Tigerette, winning the national championship. I couldn't have asked for a better year. 
I have no idea what game this was. 

@ Kentucky
SEC Championship

at the National Championship game!

Junior year highlights: wandering around Clemson, traveling to LSU, crazy Georgia fans yelling at us, and second year in TTH.

Senior year highlights: Alabama A&M's halftime show…but really.
So the football season wasn't so great, but I am thankful for fun road trips with great friends and the opportunity to serve TTH my third and final year.
on the road to Atlanta
 in the Georgia Dome
first home game of the season

In my four years, I've been to 9 SEC stadiums and every home game. I've come a long way…from my first game freshman year and not knowing the words to the fight song... to my last game as a student and feeling attached to Jordan-Hare. I'm gonna miss this place. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Auburn football experience

The date was November 10th, and Auburn hosted Georgia.  The score was a lot to a little.  Actually a lot to nothing.  But that's not why I'm frowning.  Today I experienced my last Auburn game as a student.

It's been a very fast four seasons.  I will attempt to summarize each one in a few words.

2009:  The year I had good seats.  As a very football-enthused freshman, I arrived at the games early and stayed until the end, despite a mediocre season.  Memorable games: West Virginia (the game it flooded), Kentucky (the game I almost froze to death), and Alabama (the game we blew).

2009 Iron Bowl

2010:  The year Auburn was good.  Winning is fun, and most of Auburn's games came down to the wire.  Memorable games: Arkansas (the shootout), LSU (when I realized Auburn was good), Alabama (the game I didn't watch), and Oregon (the game that won it all).

National Championship game

2011:  The post-NC slump.  Auburn started losing again, and I almost got thrown up on by crazy intoxicated college students one too many times.  I developed a new appreciation for the "non-student section."  Memorable games: none Alabama (Charles braved the Auburn student section AND we didn't kill each other - success?).

2011 Iron Bowl

2012:  The year Auburn was terrible.  Despite the record, I added road games to my repertoire.  I ventured to the Clemson game in Atlanta and the Vandy game in Nashville.  Memorable games: Clemson (just because it was indoors), LA-Monroe (because Auburn won), and Vandy (I got to sit with Alex and Kevin on the front row).

And now for a thorough documentation of pre-game (hey - I though I might as well get good use out of carrying my camera around all day!).


Friday, November 9, 2012

a magical place

1. beautiful afternoon on the Plains 2. Toomer's Corner after our second win of the season! {Poor trees} 3. probably our last time to roll Toomer's as Auburn students 4. flowers from the boy 5. morning walks and coffee stops 6. preview of save the date photos{by Open Eye Photography} 7. handmade pan pizza #yumm 8. Auburn is a magical place

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We are never ever getting back together

Okay, so I know - I posted about how wonderful T-Swift's new album Red is.  And I stand by that assertion.


Behold, the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" music video.

Honestly, this video is so "all over the place" that I don't even know what to think.  It's very "high school house party" meets "the 90s" meets "hipster glasses" meets "Grease" meets "Where the wild things are/ scary mascot costumes."

Oh, dear.

*sorry about all of the quotations

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting organized

So. This was the chaos of wedding planning before I decided that I had to get organized. 

Then I bought this magical file folder from Target...
 And life still may be crazy, but at least there is now some sense of organization.

Also, we finally took our save the date photos so check back for a preview sometime soon!