Thursday, February 28, 2013

Save the Dates: DIY

(So that awkward white space at the bottom of the save the date isn't actually there. I took off the location and the wedding website because this is the internet. And, well, I don't want creepy people showing up at my wedding. Preferably.)
 Our save the dates went out a while ago, but I realized I never shared them on here!
I was simply going to just order the save the dates, but everything seemed way too expensive and looked like I could make it myself. So that's what I did. 
Here was the process of making our save the dates:
I (finally) picked one of our save the date photos and then added all of the extras in photoshop. After picking up several packs of matte paper from Staples, we easily printed them at home and cut them.
The hardest part was addressing all of the envelopes. Thankfully, I had some of my wonderful bridesmaids helping and it made the process go a lot faster!

{107 days} I think I need to speed up this whole wedding planning thing because the big day is right around the corner!

Monday, February 25, 2013


So Caroline, Kevin, and I have had plans since November to go camping the weekend of February 23rd. Since November. That's a pretty long time to have plans for camping, but we were determined to make it happen. When the forecast said 90% chance of rain for Saturday, we almost gave up hope on the trip. Thankfully, that percentage chance dropped and we headed North with nine of our adventuresome friends!

Our trip was filled with: 
sweet friends and front porch swingin';

attempted cow herding;

lots of exploring;

sunset watching;

hot dog and s'more roasting;

tent snuggling (three girls. one tent. 30 degree weather. lots of layers);

and watching the sun rise over the mountains.

Weekends like this remind me of the magnificence of God's creation and make me thankful for people to share it with. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Light

One of my favorite bands, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, released a new album today.  I've seen them in concert several times over the past few years, and they only get better.  I haven't even listened to the whole album yet, but I'm confident it's worth every penny.

Here's a music video for the title track, "Good Light."


Saturday, February 16, 2013

gadgets, gifts, and guitars

Gadgets: Our Tool & Gadget Party was last weekend and it was so much fun! Sweet friends and family showered us with more tools and gadgets than we could ever need. I see some pinterest projects on the horizon. All of the love and support of the people who came means so much to us! 

Gifts: A lot of people despise Valentine's Day, which I can understand. But it's an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate and write love letters, so obviously I'm a fan. 

Guitars: Yesterday I took some pictures for my sweet friend, and we had so much fun! I'm now inspired to learn guitar and rock cowboy boots more often. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

{this post has no title}

And here begins the "oh so typical of this blog" list of what I've been up to, or at least what might be remotely interesting:

(1) Construction.  The building on the right is our apartment.  Our new friends (the construction workers) are our new alarm clocks and like to take off doors while you're sleeping (ask Alex).  It's very much a love-hate relationship.  Okay, JK, it's all hate.

(2)  Pizza.  Charles came to town, and I took THREE pictures.  All on my iPhone.  Utilizing my new camera lens is clearly not my forte.

Here is our "homemade" pizza.  1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 chicken pesto.  Wholly lactose-free.  Voila. 

Charles demonstrates how to eat pizza.

Liz's birthday dinner.  Happy birthday to Elizabeth!

(3)  Nuns playing volleyball (via National Geographic's Instagram feed).  If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

(4)  An engineer riding a T-Rex.  Explanation: so I'm in this engineering honor society, and at our last meeting the president proposed this tshirt and 90% OF THE PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE WANTED IT.  Whyyyyyyyyyy?  "Yeah, it's kinda like that."  Let's just say I didn't order one.

(5)  Alex and Kevin's Tool and Gadget shower.  I bought them a rake.

I don't want to steal all of Alex's pictures thunder of the event, so I'll keep it short.

pre-party picture

during-the-party picture

we're-a-lively-bunch picture