Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun with Friends

Not included in the pictures: Playing Psychology. Watching Good Will Hunting. Playing ping-pong. Eating delicious chocolate chip cookies.
Shout out to our awesome roomie Michel for visiting from Hartselle and hanging out with our crazy friends.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Hang Out With Celebrities

So it's kind of ironic that Caroline just posted the picture of Justin because of this..
Just in case you have never watched Disney Channel, this is Lilly from Hannah Montana. Apparently The Clotheshorse is one of her favorite places to shop.
We hang out with celebrities. No big deal.

No Big Deal

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There is a fine line between artsy and tacky. This little house in Maryville, TN was on that line.. AND I LOVED IT. Put together by garage sales, collectibles, and heart, everything in this place was so creative and fun.
The island in the kitchen

Old radio cabinet hung above the sink

The chalkboard was much bigger than it looks.. came from an old schoolroom.
Oh and the Christmas decorations were legit.

The gorgeous vanity in the master bedroom

Loved this sink in the boys' bathroom

Above the boys' beds

I'm so jealous of this. And the wrap-around porch.

Cabinet outside on the awesome porch

Across the street from the house

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well this is awkward.

Dear Christmas, It's been real. Santa outdid himself as always and i loved the touch of snow. See ya next year.

We both got panda hats. ALPHA LOVE.

Awkward Family Photos, Thank you for inspiring my family to create their own pictures full of awkwardness. However, we took it to a whole different level by bringing it to THE CLUB.


"God bless us every one!"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Highlights of Christmas, Week 2


Santa has come, food prepared (and eaten), presents unwrapped.  It's even snowed all morning.  Didn't stick, but that'd really be too much to ask for in Alabama.  Can't complain.

Although, when my brother found this in the driveway, I followed him outside in nothing but socks (no shoes).  And it was 30 degrees.  And raining.  Ice socks ARE something to complain about.  Not a wise decision on my part.

A few things to note from the past week:

1.  More Driving-- Inevitable when visiting family.  I did see some pretty sunsets, though.

2.  Lunar Eclipse--  

So... obviously, this isn't the eclipse but it's from earlier that day.  The first time in 400 something years that a full eclipse (full moon and complete eclipse) has aligned with winter solstice.  The plan: set my alarm and wake Mama up in time for the peak of the eclipse at 1:14 am.  We get outside and SURPRISE the moon is only half eclipsed.  Great.  Mama goes, "Oh, maybe it was 1:41 am."  So for the next 27 minutes we scurry in and out of Nana's house, trying to balance seeing the eclipse with keeping our body temperatures at a functioning level.  

3.  The New Baby-  I was wrong when I said we got a puppy.  We got a baby.  Teddy has taken over our house.  He even has a cute little sweater from cousin Joseph.

4.  The Justin Bieber Concert-  So we're on the way back from Nana's and we get a call from "Magic Moments."  They want to know if Julianne wants two free tickets with backstage passes to see JB.  So off we go!  Turns out, we didn't really have bona fide backstage access, but we did get our pic made with little Justin (to come later) and tickets on the 12th row.  Needless to say, I now have firsthand proof that: 1) He is taller than me. 2) His voice HAS changed. 3) He can actually sing pretty well.  Not as well as pre-voice changing, but still pretty well.  4) He has THE loudest fans.  Seriously, the 5-15 year-old-girls really know how to scream.  By far the loudest concert I've ever been to.  My ears still hurt.  Also, the BJCC gets an A+ for crowd control.  The "Event Group" crew (also commonly seen at Auburn and Alabama football games) didn't even let the teeny-boppers stand on their seats.

5.  Apple Products Are Addicting-  As demonstrated by my father.

So Merry CHRISTmas.  I hope that you just might be as blessed as I this Christmas.  May your days be merry and bright.  Oh, and good luck staying warm!

opening my first
trying to stay warm!
me and j in our matching

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I Believe In Santa

5.  There are a lot of movies about how Santa is real.  None (at least I think) that say he isn't.  Just do the math.

4.  My Dad saw him back when he was little.

3.  My parents would never buy me some of the stuff Santa brings.

2.  As long as I believe, he keeps showing up at my house.  So why stop?

1. NORAD tracks him.  As in the North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa.  I'm assuming this is because once upon a time they thought he was invading North America.  But who knows. I'm really glad they didn't shoot him down.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Big Red Barn

A long weekend of family fun at Mimi and Papa's farm in Greenback, TN was complete with... Christmas caroling (i'm not joking), watching the 2 best Christmas movies EVER (It's A Wonderful Life/ Elf), visiting the animals, opening presents, a trip to the coolest house I've ever seen (Stay posted for pictures in my next post), and eating enough food to fuel a small army.
Tom the turkey
Papa feeding Franklin the horse & Henry the donkey
Chuck the cat
Wilbur the pig
                                                                      Duke and Prince

Told you we went Christmas caroling...that's right be jealous.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Highlights of Christmas, Week 1

1.  Driving home-- Not really a highlight, but a necessity.  Also, this picture is of the drive home, just not this particular drive home.  But it felt cold enough to look like this.

2.  Sleeping-- As demonstrated by my sister.

3.  Playing with Teddy-- Our new miniature poodle.  He's really cute.

4.  Getting Gas-- A result of driving back from Auburn (see #1) and Christmas shopping (see #5).  For best results, take a friend.

5.  Going Shopping--  Preferably BestBuy.  I actually really don't like shopping, but BestBuy is always a positive experience.  I've already been there twice.  With Charles.  And he bought Inception both times.

Seriously, this made
the movie so much
easier to follow
6.  Watching Movies--  I've re-watched Inception.  (See diagram for help understanding movie.)  And I watched Back to the Future for the first time.  Wonderful movie.

7.  Cooking--  I don't actually cook that much.  I don't really like to cook.  I did make hashbrown casserole but that is my only claim to fame thus far.  And it makes me feel more domestic.  However, I have mastered the eating category....

Action shot from Sol A
8.  Eating at Sol Azteca--  The restaurant of choice.  I seriously eat here almost every time I come home from school.  Aside: I eat here enough that once a waiter stopped by my table to ask if I'd brought my own cheese.  As in, he remembered that I usually bring my own lactose-free cheese.  Cool.

9.  Hanging Out With Friends--  This is the most important highlight.

10.  Going on a Double Triple Date--  First triple date ever.  Woah.  But we accomplished #s 6, 8, and 9 all at the same time, so you know it was a good night.

11.  Everything Else-- Wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, riding in carpool to Pizitz, freezing my tail off, reading, packing, etc.