Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Break Life

Hi there, world.  This week was fall break -- 9 wonderful school-free days.   Unfortunately, I am not very rested but very caught-up on socialization and perhaps more importantly all things wedding related.  Here's my last month in a list.

(1)  Concerts on concerts on concerts.  

Green River Ordinance on October 5th with Tyler and Charles.  Joshua Radin and Matt Nathanson with Charles on October 15th.  Dave Barnes with Madison and Kelsey on October 22nd.  Sometimes I think I keep Workplay in business.  I also should point out I skipped the Ben Rector concert on October 16th, but seeing as I had a final that week I decided concerts 2 days in a row wouldn't be a wise decision.  Maybe next time.  I've really been slacking with my photography (zero pics of me and my friends - sad), so here's to iPhone photos.

Andrew Ripp


(2)  Wedding. 
First of all, if you got a homemade invitation in a homemade envelope from Hogwarts, you're invited to be my bridesmaid!  My budget appreciated my resourcefulness as the infamous craft box from sophomore year of college delivered on craft materials.  I only paid for the postage.  Square envelopes do cost extra money to mail, and the post office cashier smirked them and asked if I made them.  Yes, yes I did.  For better or for worse, this is officially the end of my DIY wedding stage.  Definitely not my thing.

I also found bridesmaids dresses, spent about 6 hours attempting to register, finding a wedding coordinator, and a few other things.

Charles quite at home among Christmas decorations at Macy's

(3)  Family reunion in Dadeville.

This unfortunately overlapped with the Auburn A&M game, and I was limited to a small, fuzzy TV.  It also limited my interaction with family.  Still, good times were had.

picturesque fireplace at Uncle Donny's little house 

(4)  Hiking.

(5)  Fun times in Ttown. 

The weather was PERFECT.  And I got good quality time with some of my friends I don't get to see very much!  

(6)  Other random stuff.  Like spending 5 hours at the Honda dealership and shopping for clothes and cleaning and organizing everything that went to shambles during school.

Here's to Fun 2 (my next module)!