Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Lately I am grateful for 14+ hours spent in the car because it means we spent a sunny Thanksgiving with family,

the craziness of Black Friday because it means the shooting range was empty,
the temperatures dropping because it's an excuse for hot cocoa and extra marshmallows,
 endless amounts of packing because it means we are moving closer to friends and family,
 crowded restaurants because it means a lunch date while exploring new places, 
waiting in line 4 hours because it means we experienced the greatest iron bowl in history,
thorns in my pants because it means we won and jumped through bushes to storm the field,
 and the man who destroyed Toomer's trees because it proves tradition never dies.

California, here we come. War Eagle. 


  1. My first thought when I read the last line is "wait, they're moving to CALIFORNIA???"

    1. Haha yeah not California. That would be convenient for the national championship though..